The principal objective of CCF Belgium is to raise awareness to a large public on the critical situation of the cheetah and to support CCF activities.  The project will be focusing on 4 different channels: 



Collaboration with Universities :

One of CCF's main pillars are its research activities. Having students collaborate in this research is a win-win situation as it would allow them to have an interesting internship position or thesis subject which introduces them to the world of conservation. For CCF this is an interesting opportunity to have an extra hand in their research activities. On top, when students get in touch with the cheetah and become aware of their critical situation, they might become great ambassadors to spread the word and raise awareness in their own country. Therefore, CCF Belgium will contact both students and professors in order to inform them on the various possibilities for internships and thesis subjects.


Collaboration with Travel Agencies :

The future of the cheetah can only be secured if we find a way for both people and cheetahs to live together alongside each other. Therefore, the Namibian people must be convinced of the additional value of the cheetah for its own prosperity. Eco-tourism plays an important role in convincing people of this additional value.
The goal of CCF Belgium in this field is twofold. On the one hand, we will contact local travel agencies in order to promote tourism to Namibia. On the other hand, we will inform them on the possibilities for tourists to visit the Cheetah Conservation, where they can see cheetahs from closeby and lear more about the critical situation of the cheetah.

Collaboration with Zoos :

As part of their conservation activities, the CCF documents as clearly as possible the background of the remaining cheetahs. Part of this documentation is done by storing sperm, tissues and blood samples in its Genome Resource Bank.
The objective of CCF Belgium is to collaborate with the Belgian Zoos and Animal centres in order to collect details on the history and genetic background of the cheetahs on their compounds. Furthermore, these centres will receive additional information on the different activities of the CCF and how to contact them in case of any cheetah or conservation related questions or issues.

Collaboration with European Institutions:
In order to save the cheetah, we will need all the help we can get. One crucial element in this is the collaboration of the policy makers. With the implementation of the right rules, we can take significant steps forward in certain fields such as e.g. wildlife trafficking.
In Europe, the main regulation body is the European Commission. The objective of the CCF Belgium is to raise awareness amongst the European Institutions and European community concerning the endangered situation of certain animals and how regulation could help fight its extinction.

The secondary objective of CCF Belgium is to build a Belgian community of people concerned about the future of the cheetah and willing to help and contribute to CCF projects.